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Coast Modern – Hollow Life Lyrics

It’s hard to shake the feeling
These phonies make my blood run cold
That talk ain’t got no meaning
The shallow end is growing old
It’s getting hard to fake it
Pretending that I fit this scene
I’m fed up with the chasing
If I lead would you follow me

Running, running, running from my problems
You’ll be sitting pretty, baby hold on tight
Racing towards a dream on the horizon
Gimme something better than this hollow life

I’m starving for an answer
I’m dying for an antidote
This planet’s moving faster
Why don’t we hurry up and take it slow

And we could chase the sunrise, the sunrise
I been waiting my whole life, my whole life
To sleep under the moonlight, the moonlight
So tell me what you’re thinkin, babe

Fever’s breaking us in two
But in the end it’s just a daydream
Are you feeling like a I do?

It’s all an illusion

[Lyrics to Hollow Life by Coast Modern]

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