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Crywank – Song For A Guilty Sadist Lyrics

This makes me feel like a weak man
Who thinks that he is strong.
Must I play the chauvanist
To be the man you want?

Sweaty fingers push down on your throat,
You say you like it rough,
but it’s hard to think
I do this out of love.

And from my own submissive pleasure
I want to do just as you wish,
but I slap your face too lightly
When you ask me to make fists.

Kiss me softly do not bite,
We can explore like naughty kids.
You say you’re bored, want dominating,
And I just stare and flinch.

How rude of me to bring
My thoughts into your bedroom.
Is it condescending to be so scared
I might hurt you.

[Lyrics to Song For A Guilty Sadist by Crywank]

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