I Kill Giants - Just Because It's A Joke Doesn't Mean It's Not Racist Lyrics

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I Kill Giants – Just Because It’s A Joke Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Racist Lyrics

I’m feeling uncomfortable
While making people feel uncomfortable
That I get mad when they don’t take my face seriously.
I know I’m not the brownest one
But sometimes I feel I’m the only one
Who likes to talk about this white-washed breed.

You think I’m exaggerating.
But when a cop stops your dad from dropping you off
On a quiet suburban street, do you think I’m wrong?
Don’t laugh when I exert some pride.
Not talking about it doesn’t solve anything.
Not talking about it doesn’t solve anything.

It’s not that you’re insensitive.
I couldn’t care less if you’re sensitive.
It’s the fact that you and I still consider myself white.
When I see someone in the crowd
With the same face as mine,
You have no idea what that feels like.

You say, “It’s just a joke.”
Well, I’ll say, “They’re just feelings.”
You’ll laugh it off again
While I’ll still wish that my skin was peeling.

[Lyrics to Just Because It’s A Joke Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Racist by I Kill Giants]

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