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Mal V Moo – Stand song Lyrics. Listen to the song and view its lyrics.

When I open my eyes in the darkness
And I reach out and no one seems to reach back
When I find myself looking for peace
And I feel my whole being is under attack
When I don’t see a way that is near
To make it through the night yes i can
Cause I’ve read a book and in it it said,
That after I’ve done all I can
Then to stand
Just stand.

When you feel as though no one can hear you.
Or maybe no one can comprehend
The shame or the pain has you bound..
And it’s hard for you to make amends.
Know there’s a king who is able
To fight all your battles at hand
Cast all your cares and believe his plan
Victorious despite circumstance
You will stand
You will stand

Whoa, whoa
After you’ve done all you can
You just stand

[Lyrics to Stand by Mal V Moo]

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