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Seaway – Growing Stale Lyrics

Lets break this all down and we’ll take a look.
Watch you tear a page from another book.
I can’t imagine how you found the heart.
Watch you convince them who you think you are.

Lets break this all down.
Keep your silver spoon in your own mouth.
Feed your own self-destruction.
Keep your silver spoon in your mouth instead of shoving it down my throat.

Someone else’s game is your claim to fame.
Tell me what it’s like living day-to-day watching all your friends while they grind away.
I can remember when you made a sound based on what you felt not on what you found.
Can you feel without a body when you’re a carbon copy?

It just makes no sense to me and
I think we’re at capacity. But don’t you go crying now.
There’s something comforting about knowing who I am.

[Lyrics to Growing Stale by Seaway]

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