The Quitters - Hipster Lyrics

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The Quitters – Hipster Lyrics

I wanna be a hipster, but I’m just not that hip
You’ve got to be quirkier to fit into this clique
My glasses are prescription, they are not ironic
My t-shirts aren’t that witty, I just wear them ‘cuz they fit

Oh me, oh my; I’ll never be a hipster

My music taste is boring, all my favorite bands are known
I’d rather stay inside the house than go out to a show
No American Spirits, yeah, I don’t even smoke
When I hang with the hipsters, fun at me they poke

Oh me, oh my; I’ll never be a hipster

I wanna be a hipster but there is just no way
That I could be that cynical every single day
There are too many ideals that I’d have to obey
In order to be part of the cliche

Oh me, oh my; I’ll never be a hipster

[Lyrics to Hipster by The Quitters]

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