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  • Kevinkn says:

    On 9 Sep 2004 01:09:14 -0700, [email protected] wrote: >Attend the 2004 Dental Sleep Medicine conference in Prague We just use very old magazines in the waiting room. More than half the people are asleep by the time it is their turn for their appointment. JOEL – Hide quoted text — Show quoted text ->We’ll discuss the evidence based diagnosis of OSAS patients, the >predictive factors of treatment effect in OSAS patients with >MAD/side-effects, the TMD examination of OSAS patients, the validation >of measurements of mandibular protrusion in the treatment of >obstructive sleep apnea and snoring with a mandibular protruding >device and evidence based evaluation of medical treatment of OSAS >patients . >This conference takes place in Prague, October 5th, 2004 from 9.00 >till 17.00h. >Online registration ends september 24th, 2004! > >Registration fees: >300 Euro for non-EdeSA members >100 Euro for EdeSA members >EdeSA members get a substantial reduction to the official registration >fee. Therefore, we encourage you to apply for membership before >registering for this conference. > >EdeSA groups the experts in the field of dental sleep medicine in >Europe, who collect and filter information, to share with all EdeSA >members. All our members can benefit from our knowledge, our network, >our central information database, our regular newsletter and special >reductions to international events and publications. >We hope to meet you soon in Prague! >Dr. Emanuela Ponetchi, D.D.S. >Executive Coordinator EdeSA >

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