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Volcano Choir – Tiderays Lyrics

We wake up, soft denims on the floor.
Spent nights last, sleeping like two to four
We’re tall neither
And the full fever
And the dawn quakes
Haste back the seething den
Baby, this is not sin
Its nineteen ink-ings
One fresh inkling
On the hardened ice
You’re the ace right
And you would break down so gentle in my livery

Now you’ll let me in, passed the sediment
Ahh, ahh.
Now you’re leveling
Build up that benevolence

But you didn’t feel many
But you didn’t feel flame
What you didn’t find tonight
Won’t honor them
Don’t call me up again, you’re the bitch that never ends.

(Watch you) Cross the first black planet
(Watch you) Walk the plank, what’s this made?
Don’t call me up again
Build up this will never end

Just wait for the tiderays.
Race for the tiderays.

[Lyrics to Tiderays by Volcano Choir]

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