About Earning Points, Levels and Prizes

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UnpopularLyrics is the only website to offer such prizes. It’s a great way to show your music level and support your favorite artists and bands.

The more users will get involved for an artist, the more it will be promoted.



As a registered user, you will get:

+20 points for each approved lyrics submission. depending on your sources and the difficulty level of the lyrics you can also get bonus points;

+ 5 to 15 points for correcting lyrics, depending on the extent of the correction, and of course, the difficulty of the lyrics;

+ 10 to 30 for every song/lyrics review you make;

+ 2 point for every comment you make;

+ 2 points for each day that you visit the website and login (resets every 24 hours)

And as a bonus, you get 10 points when you register.


The points you win are visible on your profile aaaaaaaand (drum-rolls please)… the points will give you ranks on our site (who doesn’t like to brag about their music knowledge?).

But that is NOT ALL!

The points you will earn will bring you prizes, such as concert tickets, albums CDs, and more music-related items, like signed items by your favorite artists/bands!


When do you get the prizes? well as soon as you reach the minimum points for each prize.

How? You send us a request with your desired prize, and we buy it for you!

Read more about prizes and points needed for them in the “Real prizes” tab.

For concert tickets we will send you direct instructions.
Signed items are given by your favorite artists as a way to thank you for being their supportive fan 🙂

Login/Register and start earning points! The points will be visible on your profile.

Do you have a great ‘musical ear‘? The fastest way to get points is to transcribe lyrics (listen to songs and write down their lyrics)

If you’re really into listening to songs and writing their lyrics down, read how to become a paid lyrics moderator

[/tab] [tab]We have some pretty cool ranks which you can check out below. Do you think you have what it takes to be the Ultimate Music Legend?

  • 1: Basement Crew 0
  • 2: Pub Stalker 100
  • 3: Roadie 500
  • 4: Local Idol 1000
  • 5: Music Addict 2000
  • 6: National Idol 3500
  • 7: Lord of the Music 5500
  • 8: Music Champion 8000
  • 9: Conductor 11000
  • 10: Ultimate Legend 15000

When you reach level 2 you can send us a request to transform your points into real prizes!

The levels will allow you access to more features on the site, bigger prizes, as well as a greater trust and recognition in the music world.

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What prizes?

There are lots of guaranteed prizes you can get. From album CDs to posters, t-shirts, music prizes like headphones, speakers etc, (delivered for free straight to your home, using Amazon) and concert tickets for your favorite artists in your area!


It’s quite simple actually. All you have to do is get points for your activity on the website – for every comment, opinion, review you make you get points.

Show to the world your music skills, determination, and how much do you support the musicians you really enjoy.

You will be able to see your points on your profile page.

Now, let’s see how many points you need for those prizes.

1. 100 points can be converted into a professional poster delivered to you.

2. 250 points can be converted into an album CD of your choice, with delivery, no matter where you live, OR 2 albums with download.

3. 500 points can be converted into a concert ticket of your favorite artist/band – you choose the city and date!

(the artist/band MUST be on our website)

4. If you want something else, contact us for a custom prize, as soon as you get over 500 points.

Level Bonus:

As soon as you reach a minimum level of 8 (into the BIG league), you can ask for personalized SIGNED (yes, with an autograph especially made for you, including your name) items from your favorite artists/bands!

Tho we have contacts with many of the artists/band on this website, we can not guarantee for any artist, but we will do our best to get it for you.

Login/Register and start earning points!

[/tab] [/tabcontent] [/tabs] [box type=”shadow”]If you’ve found your way onto this page, it means you want to promote the music which needs more attention. Well, you’re in luck, cause so do we! We need real fans, not just anyone.


Need more explanations?

We know it’s frustrating when you can’t find the lyrics to your favorite song, just because the band or artist isn’t very well known (yet). This is where we come in.

We’ve put together this site because we want to help the artists who are less known to the general public, rather than the widely known ones.

We need your help to promote them. Yes, you read that right!

Have you ever been upset that your favorite artist is not promoted enough? Have you ever thought to yourself, maaan, this song is so cool, how come so few people know it? Well, this is your chance to stand up and support the music that needs more attention.

What can you do to help promote lesser-known (but great!) artists?


You can help support your favorite lesser-known artist or band in a few ways:


You can help us help promote your favorite artist or band is by correcting the lyrics we already have. We all know that two heads, and four pairs of ears are better than one, so lend us your ears, listen to the songs, and correct the lyrics on UnpopularLyrics.com.

The “correct lyrics” button is located at the end of the lyrics. All you have to do is click it. You will be magically teleported to a page where you can correct the lyrics.

We strive to get them right when we post them, but some songs are simply hard to understand, so don’t be shy to give us a hand; It’s for the greater purpose of promoting the music which needs more attention.


The second way

You have to let us know when there is a new song from a lesser-known artist which needs promoting. Since this is a lyrics site, you can help promote the song by submitting the lyrics.

Where can you get the lyrics from?

Well, if you’re really passionate, and you have some spare time, you can transcribe the lyrics yourself. Also, you can take the time to copy them from the CD cover and go ahead and submit them.
If you like to ‘stalk’ the artist’s social pages or official website, and you caught wind of the lyrics to their new songs? Copy them, and submit them to us.

Our team will review all of your submissions, and publish the lyrics if they are new, and from an unpopular artist. We must keep in mind that we are here to promote those bands or artists who are less popular, so only the submissions from artists who meet those requests will be approved.

The third way, but very important

You can comment, write your opinion about the songs you like in the comments area, even discuss song meanings and reviews. You will get 2 points for every comment you make, and many more for reviews.

What is in it for you?

Except for the fact that your are helping your favorite artists? Well you get points, credits which will be transformed into real prizes of your choice, levels, badges, so you can show to the world you’re a music expert!

Thanks for taking the time to help us promote the music that deserves more attention. Together, we can help make your favorite artist more popular.


Best regards,

The UnpopularLyrics team.

We believe in promoting music that deserves more attention.