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Acollective – Custom Lyrics

I should’ve stayed at home

Propped up in an armchair with my favourite magazine 

Should’ve held my tongue

Should’ve woken you up

Bad news when you least expect it

I shouldn’t drive the car

And though it tears you up

Things are kept just the way you left them 

And i lost my tongue

Go get an early start

Leave some room for subtle accusations 

There’s still a long way down

Told you you’d be there for me

Told you that you’d follow me down 

I told you to beware of me

Told you that you’d follow me down

I should’ve stayed at home

Fed you sour oranges and sweet tea when it rains 

When the roof fell down

Should’ve woken you up

Rise up from the mattress
To the best news that we least expected

There’s still a long way down.

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