Acoustic Syndicate - Heroes Lyrics

Acoustic Syndicate – Heroes Lyrics

The day he droves the present
wonders why it does.
Reflected images in, wonders if you ever loved.

From the rhythm on his own heart beating
Is he sure in to trust?
he has reached out his ..
He’s always searching for truth.

True color on a mission
To black and white cold ..
But today, that does not matter
There’s new …

New reason for being.
Seeing it was always believing
And his thoughts ..
To his heroes.

From the heat of the sun to the pouring rain
That matters to ease his pain.
In his blood it flows
Because of his heroes.

To be there, to listen to ones you loved,
And I’ll bring up what’s right.
Your foundation is strong when the walls
Come crushing down.

How you put up a fight?
You are all the colors of the rainbow,
You’re a complete rail of light.

In the middle of the night
With your light on
How I pray that you are well.
Oh, It’s time to work the fields,
You nursed and heeled us.

You let us be for ourselves.
So, here’s to my heroes!
I love !

[Lyrics to Heroes by Acoustic Syndicate]

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Artist Acoustic Syndicate Lyrics
Album"Rooftop Garden" (2013)

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Acoustic Syndicate - Heroes Lyrics

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