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Add-2 - Sorry Kanye But This Verse Is Better Lyrics

Add-2 – Sorry Kanye But This Verse Is Better Lyrics

[Verse 1: Add-2] Feeling like raps savior
Don’t cross me see Chi-City’s my manger
Pose me no danger
You coming out the closet like…Frank Oceans coat hangers
Live in the land of devils they turning niggas to angels
They halos is hanging over like LL with a kangol
Doing it well, you doing the same ol
Same, flow’s old getting fold like clean clothes
Pass them like hot potatoes
You fail and I, put a spell on you, better than Nina Simone or Papa Shango
Yo yo its going down quicker than draino
Life is a bitch I’m coming back to get her like Django
I ain’t scared of you niggas
A barbarian, every bar burying niggas
I’ll turn your homies paulbearers got them carrying niggas
Baby im just making cuts like caesarean nigga
I’m tearing blueprints, got a new print planned for me
So now my plan A is kill em like Plan B
I’m hunting hearing them running it sound like a stampede
The span that I ran the cops couldn’t clock on the land speed
At the rate that im going its mind blowing, like Kurt Kobain shooting his shotgun,
I try to tell them to stop no eclipse that could block son
I’m still getting checks on the sides like I got ones, you got one? huh
Looky looky see the vets turn to rookies
The industry was dicks but our heroes turned to pussies
Plotting to unplot them the kings is getting old
They dead like Frieza father that mean that the King Cold
You was originators now you mimic the clones
Hope you save the receipt from the day when you sold your souls
I feel I like im in my zone,
I forgive you for getting a little forgetful but now I see you forgetting roles
I’ll remind you, I’m hungry so now im coming for your plate
Duck duck goose cause now im coming for your place
Feels so Good they Looking At Me like the old Mase
I got it covered like pledges faces at probates
Been killing since 0-8, still fresher than colgate
You say I’m way ahead of time, im say im so late
I rome like Caesar call me Caesar when I go ape
Murder the verse CSI its a Cold Case
I be giving em hell hell I wouldn’t want to be them
DM your BM say I’ll see her in the PM
My heart start beating when I hear the beat beating
I feel like R. Kelly at a Girl Scout meeting
Hell naw I won’t stop nigga
Fuck some I want alot nigga
Fuck a car I want a lot nigga
Bungie cord I gotta drop niggas
Hands on my digits gotta watch niggas
Godzilla nigga, monster like the Loch Ness
Rock shit, conscious, nigga going unconscious
Stop this, spitting it raw but see that im polished
Fuck with me know that I got it like Magic Johnson

[Add-2 – Sorry Kanye But This Verse Is Better Lyrics]
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