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Aethere - Absence Lyrics

Aethere – Absence Lyrics

Choked up on emotion, holding back on rage.
Constant struggle, conflicting in my head.
Falling in a void where I cannot see.
The pressure on my bones makes me want to collapse.

There’s a steady mix of chills down my spine, and a burning of the skin on my neck.
If I could put the all the words together they would drain out my each and every breath.

Sit and reflect as you realize
At one point this was nonexistent
Sit and reflect as you realize
At one point I was nonexistent

We were once ideal,
And now we are lost.
We were once ideal
And now we are lost.

This has never been the entity of my existence, nor the reason at which I regress.
This is simply the feeling that lies inside, the bane that wants to progress.

And I know
This rage consumes all
And I know
I would have let go.

But It’s getting harder
To fight as I lose motivation to win

Strip me of
My care
So I can free myself
Of the sin
Of loving
A creature so calloused

If you could just see
Exactly the impact on me
You might have just found
The lock that fits your key

At times im filled with certainty
and in the rest I am so empty
but all I want is solidity
and in the end life is just brevity

I sold a soul that wasn’t mine to sell.
And now I can burn
In the depths of hell.

Despite the fact that I know exactly where I stand

I am lost

[Lyrics to Absence by Aethere]
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