Alexander Spit - Five Lyrics

Alexander Spit – Five Lyrics

Ain’t no summer like a spit summer
Sleaze crybaby with the tricks up it
Lurking with a bottle on my fifth summer
Four finger ring swinging for the queen toplit
Fuck it, we the, we the
We the ones that they ain’t tripping of the top 5
‘Cause we the only motherfuckers here that got drive
Top five proudly in it when I’m not alive
Sweet thang, chase summer like a ginger bat
My team yelling SPIT set like a diplomats
Your whole squad get swept like a swisher gut
Y’all could play pick me up until you fuck the city up
Great Scott, got you opened like the doors on DeLoreans
The shoulders on tink tops
I got soul like I’m Mark Lebow
And I’m just sipping Bordeaux on the day that my tape drops
Shit, they’ll be like damn son, where’d you find this?
Oh weird shit, never mind it
Guess I’ll let you dummies do the rhyming
And watch another label just go fucking with the same print

That’s why there ain’t no summer like a SPIT summer
Kicking back, never trippin’ off a quick come up
A wine shared up with a fifth under
It’s a celebration bitches, I’ma sip something

Fuck it, we the, we the
We the ugly Douglas with the bonnie us
Stay go pony boy and get that eureka
You want this, you want a Monalisa
Shit, and no five, I has to go Nisa
Brick hit me from me lately, come and get your bitch on
He like get your bitch on, get your, get your bitch on
A decade later we getting it at a reach out
Yeah, I guess I quit my day job for this
I’m day drunk, I guess I took the day off for this
I guess all them long nights paid off for this
I’m a genius, but I ain’t getting paid off of shit
I ain’t trippin’ ’cause I signed over something
That don’t involve putting price tags on the frontend
I’m on some other jetlag with the stunting
Free take Timmy, spitter hate to punch in
Friends looking at me like where you done been?
Off the 1 10 getting the sun tan
The one man band, watch them all become fans
I do a new dance, watch it all become trance
Used to let a vegas silver lengths I hope
To many yappa to luma, zuma, frisko, lorado
I want the cities connecting, now do you follow?
I move through them undetected, I do the Waldo
That play this five times a row, down in Rosewood
The homie five passing on like it’s a no love
Rap heads gimme five when there’s no hook
But if I ever got a hook then it’s a cold jug
I’m south of heavy, I’m north of hell
It’s a game of limbo, you fail short, you fail
Bro, wear shorts for trouser
So if it’s less the paradise, I’ma force a smile

That’s why it ain’t a summer like a SPIT summer
Around here I swear it’s been summer since summer
A couple tickets outta here ’cause on my incomers
If you the wave, you gotta teach them how to swim, sucker
Fuck it, we the, we the
We the ones that they ain’t tripping of the top 5
‘Cause we the only motherfuckers here that got drive
Top five proudly in it when I’m not alive

[Lyrics to Five by Alexander Spit]

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Alexander Spit - Five Lyrics

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