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Alexander Dreamer - For the Record Lyrics

Alexander Dreamer – For the Record Lyrics

Most niggaz never learn how to be themselves
True nigga
I can’t be nobody else
See,they hesitate to love you
Maybe that’s why niggaz struggle
Fuck them on me
I’m so tired trying to be humble
For a record,I ain’t never stunted for the record
Let the record show that I honor every blessing
I still rock the themes that I caught in ’07
It ain’t damn trill
You can run them and check them
Still putting off for the city that I’m from
Even though these niggaz don’t reciprocate the love
It shames me to say that I don’t give a fuck
Now I got my mouth right
I’m about to get this money right
All my temporary interest is on commitment
I swear this provisionary shit is affecting my vision
I can love you for a minute but never relive it
And if you all have been forgotton
I hope I’ll be forgiven
Then God is my witness,I’m doing it different
I know you wanna hear me swag
How I be living
The truth is I’m no different than my homie,listen
But I still take a second to honor your wishes
Switch lanes and that bitch
Like I’m on mission
Insane and the whip like the cotton I’m picking
I reframe the pay from the option I’m given
Just to rewrite the book
Like the book isn’t rewritten
Get it?
Flow already better
Better than ever,nigga
Better late than never
At these dumm niggaz I’m too busy being clever
Dancing with the devil tryin’ to build my dance,whatever
Blowing money fast
Never went to the way to stack up
I count blessings tryin’ to get this stack up
Fame on the other hand thinks I need a back-up
I just never trust them
Maybe that’s why I lack of

[Lyrics to For the Record by Alexander Dreamer]

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