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All Dogs - Basement Lyrics

All Dogs – Basement Lyrics

There was something in the way
We just sailed on through those days.
Never wondered what was next,
Never guessed it’d be like this.
Never thought we’d feel this weight,
Never thought it’d fade away.
And even though it’s there,
It never will be anywhere near
Where it was in those days.

You are so close but far away.
Even if we’re in the same town
You’re in a different place.
How’d the time go by so fast?
I watched something that I loved
Just turn into the past.
I can’t lift this weight,
I don’t want it to fade away.
And on the walls I wrote
That I would never forget
What happened in that place.

Is it over now?
Is it?
Never thought it’d fade away,
Never thought we’d feel this weight.
Even though I try
I just can’t get it out of my mind,
Now much it meant to me.
It’s not over now.
Is it?

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