Al Lewis - A Child's Christmas in Wales Lyrics

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Al Lewis – A Child’s Christmas in Wales Lyrics

In my childhood sea-side town,
Wrapped in wool, making mounds,
Dousing fires and chasing cats,
Whilst postmen shiver on welcome mats

Hear the sound of the church bells ring,
For midnight prayers,
As the rooster sings

He’s calling out for Christmas

In morning snow, I’d walk alone
To see believers trudging home
The scent of Christmas filled the air
Mistletoe hung everywhere

Llond y lle o rannu gwen (The whole place filled with sharing smiles)
Aiff y teimlad byth yn hen (The feeling never grows old)
Ma Santa Clos di bod (Santa Claus has been)

After dinner, sleeping sound
Aunts and Uncles gather round
Telling tales and singing songs
That make us feel like we belong

And as I slowly fall to sleep
I hear music fill our street

They’re singing out for Christmas

[Lyrics to A Child’s Christmas in Wales by Al Lewis]

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