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A l l i e - Just Like That Lyrics

A l l i e – Just Like That Lyrics

Mm mm mm ahh
Ya stand tall but your skull hangs heavy
(That’s cool)
Getting ready (gettin ready yea-yea yea)
To turn your back and walk along
(Turn your back)
Like a sad sad song that goes (that goes)
On and on

Onnnnn (oooooooooooo)

Just like just like just like that
Just like just like– that (you go just like that)
Just like that
Just like that just like
Ya want to want to
Wanna go (wanna go)

Ya know
Your like…like
Ah ah ahhah ah

You’re like an old classic baby
Your magic don’t fade with the
With the (with the)
With the passing of the weeks
Your certainty shoots a shiver to my knees
And I vibrate (vibrate)
As I try to walk away

Ya drip into my mind like a leak
Pitch patch but it ain’t no use
Ya don’t know what ya done
The tremors roll on
As I drift across the map (as I drift across the map)
Chasing the root (chasing…that root)
Chasing the root

Chasing that root

Your fingers run like you do
Your fingers run like you do baby mmmm
A jumping pace that spills a tune
I catch it-I lap it-up-I-know that you wanna fill my cup now baby



Ju-just like just like just like that

[Lyrics to Just Like That by A l l i e]
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