Allison Crutchfield - No One Talks Lyrics

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Allison Crutchfield – No One Talks Lyrics

It stays so cold for so long, now.
No one talks to me at all, now.
They live in the basement, talk to each other,
I walk downstairs and I walk right back up them.
We are united in showing up.

Everyone looks so good to me,
Cause everyone could do without me.
Li, you have always been loyal although
I stopped looking at your eyes long ago.
I walk through you like you’re dirty snow.

And i know it’s bad,
I know you’re good,
We are alone,
We are just trees growing crooked in the woods.

We are consumed by the matte grey sky.

But,I remain bitter and inside.

Li you drink red wine, you wear a tie
And the warm lamp creates the impression of daylight
Everyone knows,
Everyone stares,
Everyone sees it.
Lose the urge, lose the interest,
Lose the interest.

[Lyrics to No One Talks by Allison Crutchfield]

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Artist Allison Crutchfield Lyrics
Album"Lean In To It" (2014)

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Allison Crutchfield - No One Talks  Lyrics

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