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All Messed Up - Sick Of Your Selfishness Lyrics (Feat. Jan Kucera)

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All Messed Up – Sick Of Your Selfishness Lyrics (Feat. Jan Kucera)

What the hell was I thinking
All this Time ?

To don’t see who you really are
There’s something wrong in your head
What do you feel when you show this arrogance?

I’ve been searching the answer to my questions for a long time
Finally I gave up
This the choice I made
When I’ve seen
You’ve nothing to prove
I’m so sick of your betrayals
And What else have you done?
Beyond to killed the good in me
To let the worst appear

You disgust me fucking bitch

You disgust me and all what you’ve become
Don’t try to put the blame on me anymore
I Will not feel guilty cause I’m resolved
To see you fall
It’s because of people Like you That I don’t have faith to anyone

I hope one day you will be taken by the past and you’ll regret
And pay the price for all your acts
Let´s see which one of us is to blame
If I should fight to prove you never been yourself until the end I will

The clock turns and the little you got
Fall in ruins around you
Unstable and worthless
You ‘re
Unable to see, everyone is turning on you

I’m resolved to see u fall
And I’ll don’t feel guilty
Cause you’ll pay the price for all your acts

I’m sick of your selfishness

[Lyrics to Sick Of Your Selfishness by All Messed Up (Feat. Jan Kucera)]

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