Amends - Homebody Lyrics

Amends – Homebody Lyrics

It’s funny in a sense, that I’m damned to this.
Finally knowing that we’re falling, all we know is failing; carry the violent waves.
I’m letting go, off all I know; fading, growing, breathing.
I just want to wave up. When it’s all left for the flies, barely keep me alive.

Leaving behind the sun puts me a day off, a day behind all that’s left in the sky.
I’m left with this gloom, and if there’s a chance
I’ll leave it behind with what I’ll never quite know,
Is there anything left to be told?

With the times, I’ve barely lost my mind,
We’re all lost on the inside.

It’s with my own pain,
Let me know when you’re coming home so I know when I shouldn’t come back here,
Dusk to dawn, sleet to snow;
Whether you’re taking this for granted or leaving me alone.

I’m far too broken, waiting with my hopes to melt.
This goes to show,

With this sadness, I hope you take a chance and find your happiness.
Give up everything, cause I’ve got nothing left to show.
With this sadness, I hope you take a chance and give up your happiness
Because I’ve got nothing left to show for.

Liars and thieves, it’s the heart that’s been stolen;
And maybe it’s meant to be.

Insane, I just want to know you are awake.
Insane, I just want to know you are okay.

Leave it to the times, to forget my spine.
We’re all just wasted space on the inside.

I’m in my own pain, I’m in my worst state.
Wake me up, when I’ve got something to show for.

[Lyrics to Homebody by Amends]

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Artist Amends Lyrics
Album"Here, There and Nowhere Else" (2013)

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Amends - Homebody Lyrics

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