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Amends - Tradewind Lyrics

Amends – Tradewind Lyrics

Worthless eyes need me,
Cause I’m too blind to read what I can’t see.
I used to listen to how I was,
And my life isn’t how it used to be.

Things aren’t going planned to accord,
It’s killing me that i’m worth nothing more.
Still yelling at nothing, and i’m getting nowhere.

God isn’t what he used to be,
My faith isn’t where it used to be.
A second of my hour will never be worth
A day of someone else’s life.

I still feel the worth, long after.
And it won’t ever come back.
Leave the back door shut,
Cause i’ll never be unfront.

I’m nothing what I used to,
I’ll never be a man who’s one to please.

Bitter nothing’s,
Will always bring me apathy.
and it’s just the way it’ll be,
And for that i’m sorry.

I’m nothing what I used to be,
My faith isn’t where it used to be.
And for that,
I am sorry.

Bitter apathy leaves me nothing.
And at the end of the day,
I’m still never going to be what you wanted.

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