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Amy LaVere - Snowflake Lyrics

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Amy LaVere – Snowflake Lyrics

I climbed up the tallest tree in town and I looked around
And all the people on the ground were looking down
And no one noticed me
The familiar revelry

So I climbed down the tallest tree in town and I just sat down
All the people walking round were looking down
Still no one looked at me
The conscious avoid-ery
Yeah, that’s a word to me

And I sat there so long that my booty hurt
and my heart hurt
and my stomach growled
I’ve always been lonely in this crowd

So I’m leavin’

I can raise myself
I can surely scold me
I can school me
I can fuckin’ rule me

Move to my own drum
This is gonna be fun

I wont need a clock
Leavin’ is gonna rock

[Lyrics to Snowflake by Amy LaVere]
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