Anchorlines - Hollow Eyes Lyrics

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Anchorlines – Hollow Eyes Lyrics

Abandon hope and forget what you know
This is the land of the bought and sold
Welcome to the house of lies, where the sun’s blacked out and the stars don’t shine

You’re a slave to be bled dry for the exalted swine who send us all to die
You’ll spend your life in chains
Every day, forced to play the game
Don’t fall behind, your life’s at stake

A miserable fate’s one mistake away
Profit is everything
Long live the king
Another slave, better pray to the one true god

They won’t stop ’til you’ve lost it all
We were born to die with empty eyes
We feed our lives to the lie, until the end of time

Through faith we’ll all be saved, just risk it all in this loaded dice game
They say we’re closer every day, shedding blood and tears to fuel the sovereign state

We’re all rotting inside this grave
A new prison built by the inmates
‘Cause we can’t accept the blame
We let these fucking cowards turn to kings

How much longer are we going to let this shit continue?
It’s time to take control of your life and wake the fuck up
I see the war in your eyes, so put your fists up and fight
Will you earn this life, or just lay down and fucking die?

[Lyrics to Hollow Eyes by Anchorlines]

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Anchorlines - Hollow Eyes Lyrics

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