Andrew Preston - The HPA Song Lyrics

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Andrew Preston – The HPA Song Lyrics

The amygdala goes “Auck! Auck! Auck!”
All the way to the hypothalamus!
And the hypothalamus goes “Auck!”
And here comes CRF!

The anterior pituitary says “Hello, CRF!”
“Meet my friend ACTH!”
“And send him out today!”

ACTH stimulates the adrenal cortex at once!
They quickly send us cortisol that our body does not want!
Because the hippocampus hangin’ out is attacked by glucocorticoids.
And when you were stressed you forgot
Cuz the amygdala goes “Auck! Auck! Auck!”

*CRF – Corticotropin Releasing Factor
*ACTH – AdrenoCorticoTropic Hormone
*Glucocorticoids = Cortisol

[Lyrics to The HPA Song by Andrew Preston]

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Andrew Preston - The HPA Song Lyrics

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