Andy Klingensmith - Bright Again Lyrics

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Andy Klingensmith – Bright Again Lyrics

Save it all for the morning
Everything will be bright again
and my eyes, young as they open

And I won’t keep me from seeing
everything I want to see
just as long as she sees it too

But tonight I’m alright
Ask me again when this ends

Through the time it takes to realize
you were kidding when you smiled
I am not in on the joke

For a while this is goodbye
But nothing ever ends like we wish
Just begins, over and over

And I know I can’t be idle
Everything I want to feel
I can’t hope that one day it comes

Though the grain gets its rain
I don’t deserve to be served

Stop me if you have heard this one before
Man walks into the world, stays a while
What’s the use of a mind? What’s it good for?
When everything is erased with her smile

[Lyrics to Bright Again by Andy Klingensmith]

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Artist Andy Klingensmith Lyrics
Album"Bright Again" (2014)

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Andy Klingensmith - Bright Again Lyrics

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