Anthology of the Moon - Erotica Lyrics

Anthology of the Moon – Erotica Lyrics

What if I was a preacher
Or some kind of crook?
If I was an author
I would write you a book
What if I was a sculptor
Or a man with an architect’s eye?
I could craft all kinds of things
That would prove to you that I’m your guy!
Uh-huh yeah!
What if I was….what if I was a kite
And I just tripped on down your line?
What if just went ahead and I…

What if I just went ahead an wrote a whole bunch of Erotica?

Hold on, I got another idea!
What if I was addicted
Addicted to getting you high?
What if I was a metronome
Beating to your heart and blink of your eye
If I had 2 green eyes and some spare balloons…
If I gave you one would you blow my bassoon?

What if I just went ahead….

[Lyrics to Erotica by Anthology of the Moon]

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Artist Anthology of the Moon Lyrics
Album"Social Networking" (2013)

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Anthology of the Moon - Erotica Lyrics

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