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As Lies Fade Away - Waterlungs Lyrics

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As Lies Fade Away – Waterlungs Lyrics

I will never breathe again!
I feel how my feet leave the bridge.
Falling backwards into a cage of desperation.
My back is getting wet, this ocean changed into a bed (of surviving)

Waves swallowing me slowly!
My lungs fills with water, fills with the reason to die!

Help me I cant breathe!

I will be drowning with all these memories!
Why do you let me fall into the ocean?
Why do you let me go? Give me a reason to start again!
(Rewind! Rewind!)
Give me a reason to start again

Waves pull me deeper and deeper
Give me waterlungs so I can swim back
To the surface area
So I can start to breath again!

This ocean is eating me alive.

[Lyrics to Waterlungs by As Lies Fade Away]

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