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As Mercy Comes - 607 Lyrics

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As Mercy Comes – 607 Lyrics

We’re just talking while I begin to understand
You were filled of pain inside your own eyes

I know It’s hard to say, but I swear I’ll make everything,
’cause You make me smile.

Forget your tears, forget your tears,
forget your tears, forget your tears!

I spent days looking for a reason to come back,
just hoping to be in your fucking mind.

I refuse to drawn because I’ve found an exit,
I want to let You know I’ll never leave You,
How can I escape from your hands?
You’re holding me stronger, and I feel safe,
I feel safe, Hold me strong ’cause I feel safe!

Conscious, this is the hardest part!
Listen, You’ll never broken!

Our fingers interlace perfectly,
there’s me, there’s you.
Look at the sea in front of us, still and silent,
wishing no ending, I don’t want to die anymore.
I’ll live with your picture printed in my soul,
Yes, I’ll live.

You are.
We are.
You are we are.

You are.
You are we are

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