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As Oceans - The Phantom Hunter Lyrics

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As Oceans – The Phantom Hunter Lyrics

Day 389
Screams fall silent
As another innocence is taken.
Fulfilling a pride I once abhorred.

My heart the beating drum
Set to winter’s rhythm

I have fallen to every evil, and still I am hungry.
An eye for an eye, neck for a neck.
A row of seven heads, children of my enemy.

I cut out the heart of purity
and wore it as a jewel.
A season’s change since valor has fallen with this blade
and virtue seized by violence.

Looking down on my crimson hands
and a trough full of innocence,
I’ve tightened the tourniquet,
ready for the amputation of my salvation.
Every kill brings a prophecy,
The raven, my seer, so familiar, visits me at my site of slaughter.
In his claws is a scroll – dropped in blood
A letter penned to my ruined Eden.

Not conquered by my own devices!
Redemption, bring me back to indigo shores
unmoved but broken,
Charge forward into stillness.

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