Aspektz - Avion Lyrics (Feat. Briol)

Aspektz – Avion Lyrics (Feat. Briol)

Mile high club, first class on deck
Fly with the Thorobredz and your boy Aspektz
Bounce to the bounce to the beat as we jet
Got the limo coming by, leave your luggage on the step

Hook (Briol)
If you ain’t got no carry on
Lets get right up on this Avion
Got that feeling going on and on
Lets get right up on this Avion

Let me put it like this – its a gentleman’s game
So at least when I’m with her – its reserved for one dame
But when I’m on my own, cant say that its the same
Its the trials and tribulations of a young mans fame
Nah you ain’t ever seen nobody like me
Do it all for the YYZ
Why you think the phones ringing off the hook?
Got that signature fade – rubber neck, they all look
Game changer, Aspektz, better pay attention
Briol on the hook got these veterans sweating
Mr Thoro got them shots lined up
Living in the moment – breathe deep and celebrate the rush!

Girl either put down your bags and stay, or take a trip, that’s the ride of your life
Baby girl it feels like its time for a change, leave it all behind run away tonight
You hear all the things they say, been treated wrong I could treat you right
If you see it any other way, go tell the pilot that its all green lights


Whoop whoop yea here we go again
On a 1 to 5 scale she a certified 10
Ladies, if you’re fly, then let me see your hands
No Scarface – let me introduce you to my little friend
On that tip top flow,
Hop scotch to the bank like tic tac – toe
Wake up every morning, get that dough
And I do it for the greatest city in the world
Tell me girl – whats your name?
Got me loving how you do your thing
Lets ride – take a trip today
Got your girl sayin “Boom Shaka laka” AY AY
ON the runway chilling like “What’s happening”
Ill be on the road til I’m coming back again
Post card in the mail
Going hard bringing 416 to the world

[Lyrics to Avion by Aspektz (Feat. Briol)]

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