Astronauts, etc. - Eye to Eye Lyrics

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Astronauts, etc. – Eye to Eye Lyrics

All I want is reciprocation
I don’t care how you spend your nights
There’s no need for that conversation
As long as we see eye to eye
I’m tangled up in your hesitation
Thrown off by the space you keep
I’m all for a little recreation
So get out of the back of my mind

It doesn’t matter how thick I build it
You break through when I turn around
And I’m left to deal with the absence
I can’t help but be conscious of now
Can’t tell you I’m the weaker rival
I shouldn’t let my secret out
I’ll just hang on to your arrival
Isolate my love from my doubt

Do you know what I’m always thinking?
Which way would it sway your mind?
I don’t think that I want an answer
It’s enough to be let inside

[Lyrics to Eye to Eye by Astronauts, etc.]

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Album"Mind Out Wandering" (2015)

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Astronauts, etc. - Eye to Eye Lyrics

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