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At Fault - Retribution Lyrics

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At Fault – Retribution Lyrics

Sitting alone
With only my past to keep me company
Pondering all the wrong I’ve done in my life
Judgment breathing down across my spine

Fate will eventually get the best of me
I’ve escaped it for far too long

The memories haunt me every day

They are the last thing that I need
Remembrance of a life corrupted and tainted
The devil always whispering into my ear
Contorting my vision with senseless fear

The devil always whispering into my ear

Rob them of their livelihood
And collect their souls as my own

Slipping deeper into my mind
Every flashback takes my breath away
The torment is never-ending

I can still see their faces as they died
I am still haunted by their screaming
Haunted by their screaming

The night air grows colder than my abysmal heart
There is no saving me

I do my best to resist all the sins that I’ve been taunted with
But with my human faults I fall to the violence
My only option is to peel away this flesh of rotting man
To rid myself of all this horrid shame

No longer will fear control my life
Nor will regret haunt my dreams
This house, my body, my soul
Will be an offering to all the lives I’ve taken

Douse myself in gasoline
Strike a match and watch me burn

I can finally know peace
Free from my own Hell
Retribution for the fallen
As they reign down fire

Incinerate my sins
Reign down fire
Incinerate my sins

[Lyrics to Retribution by At Fault]

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