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Audra the Rapper - Nutter Butters Lyrics

Audra the Rapper – Nutter Butters Lyrics

This shit feels so good
Need alot more niggas making shit like this
Im trynna tell them i ain’t no bubble gum bitch (ATR)
Im that fry at the bottom of the bag
Too cold to be fucked with

Had to step back for a minute
I had a couple fuck niggas in the huddle
I ain’t have time for that
Not here to cater to emotions, wipe noses
Do all that shit my mother did for me
I ain’t for none of that
I ain’t a mother yet
But i will son a nigga quick
Give him a nice warm tit to slob all over
(slobbing noises)
(Shit sound like it will feel good right about now)
But back to this disclosure
Back to this proposal
Back to niggas hopping out they Rovers
When they see me strolling
Fresh out the bodega
Couple Nutter Butters stashed in the palm
They know who we are
Fuck with the Tribe we coming for ours
Im heavy tho, niggas light- Chico Debarge
Ain’t no mirage, what you see what you get for real though
Come through kicking that shit no steel toe
Been told niggas we on

Im just trying to find balance between peace and a piece of the pie
Im trying to be what they seek in the sky
Im trying to make my momma proud no more making her cry
Trying to make all of these ends meet no saying good bye – see I
Traveled lightyears to be here
Couple nightmares but now the dreams real
I struggled to find purpose
But that purpose was the struggle
So these humble words i share with you to spare you from those troubles
Want no troubles i just be mellow off that La La
Trying to find a bitch like I – un huh
I get offended when niggas say im offended when im not
It’s time to thicken the plot
Its time to leave the nest, get fly and sho these birds something
Spazzing in these padded rooms you ain’t heard nothing yet
It all started with a tweet and a text
Lost alot of things not losing respect
A lot of niggas come and go i still ain’t come from one yet
Hocus Pocus in this openness a hex with the text
Your vessel for stress
Im giving strep coming for necks, shit
Atleast come with your best
If not, atleast come with a check
Might as well be selling sex the way im getting them wet
Like so hahaha


[Lyrics to Nutter Butters by Audra the Rapper ]

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