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Audubon - Smoke Signals Lyrics (Feat. A$AP Ferg)

Audubon – Smoke Signals Lyrics (Feat. A$AP Ferg)

At last A$AP, in the heights black mask
Dark days dimmer nights, Ferg it’s time to get it right
Was so f*cked up night still bagged your hoe,
‘crush the weed let her broke, she f*ck with E I let her roll,
Circle shades professional, rain dancing on the roof,
Chiefin’ like we seminal,
What’s the niggas talking life on Mars
An alien p**sy you’re trying by the ball
And some bitches that we f*ck the bottle it’s all about ourselves,
But the bosses only f*ck the bosses never f*ck the help,
Huh, party full of bad hoes, slutty bitches in the bedroom
Drunken on that pole, then they upload,
Burning all this feels up,
you fake fucks don’t look familiar,
I set blaze to a bush cause forest fire,
And I don’t wink at these bitches I just whore as ire.
Burning marijuana feels,
reach the stars to crash the earth soon as she pop a pill,
I’m on that for real
.. Burning (burning),
.. marijuana feels.

Shit damn baby
You done got me high right now

It’s that stocky nigga turn again
Fergy ’bout to murder them
Got me feelin cocky like
Rocky when his perm was in
so Illuminati worse the Benz, two Bugatti’s swerving in
bitch ain’t f*ck me last year but this year I’ll be curving it
Versace shit I did that Nast,
Trap Lord on my six pack
shirt off like I’m 2pac, mit up with the shoe straps,
all black in that two clap, two strap with two masks
nigga left with a shawty, like a nigga brought Ja Rule back
I murder ink like Erv Gotti, my 16 might catch a body,
Two hooks double hommy, kneel your body like chop salami,
got an old bitch named Kalani, a new bitch from Abu Dhabi
And I Chinese bitch who be sipping sokki,
And give head like she sloppy
And that bitch suffocating can’t f*cking breathe
In them .. won’t screaming up and f*cking knees,
Marijuana feel from the motherf*cking weed,
Getting high off of life with some sour D’s
Burning marijuana feels,
reach the stars to crash the earth soon as she poppin pill,
I’m on that for real
Burning through
.. wanna feel burning,
.. wanna feel.
Marijuana feels

[Lyrics to Smoke Signals by Audubon (Feat. A$AP Ferg)]

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