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Aveira Skies - Privatisation Lyrics

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Aveira Skies – Privatisation Lyrics

In a place where demons roam how the fuck do you call this home
Lurking sucking the life out of every day

Government bodies outsourcing to the private man
Dollar signs in their eyes but it’s at a price

Stealth hides this from the public view
Corrupt contracts
Supported by those we should trust
You know as well as I do we aren’t in control

Even without clear eyes you can see through the lies
Admit it or not it’s right before you
The way we live is a product of fear
Open your ears you can hear the screams

By ourselves we feel like no one
Together we feel like someone
United we can make a change
But this world is fucked and you know it
This world is fucked
And you know it

[Lyrics to Privatisation by Aveira Skies]
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