Aveira Skies - Sophrosyne Lyrics

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Aveira Skies – Sophrosyne Lyrics

Believe, Believe me when I say
It doesn’t have to be this way
Natural instinct accepts what is
Sits back and waits
Never hungry for more

We’ve been through hell and it feels like we’re still fucking there
We’re not scared
We’ll brave this storm
We’ll calm our minds
Lost in a world of our own we thought we knew our way home
We’ll take it as it comes not slowly down

Not slowing down
Try standing in our fucking way
What use are our minds if they don’t think fast
We control them not vice versa
We control them

Obstacles we face we’ll overcome crushing them in our stride
Our goals are still in sight
Miles away but we’ll find our way
We see where we want to be
And what we want to do
All we know is to make do with what we have
All we can do is push for want me want
We’ve been through hell it feels like we’re still fucking there
We’ll brave this storm
We’ll calm our minds

[Lyrics to Sophrosyne by Aveira Skies]

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Aveira Skies - Sophrosyne Lyrics

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