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Ayla Nereo - Let It In Lyrics

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Ayla Nereo – Let It In Lyrics

Can you let it in…
This moon told me as I woke from walking asleep,
Below one midnight she said, your
Feet are heavy your feet stand deep
Deeper than you know, farther than you go…
This wild mother she told me one morning bright,
Child you’ve got to run on my back
Farther than you’ve ever gone before, deeper than you’ve ever known before
Run right through your edges, right to the edges, right to the edge of your edge
Jump off that cliff, dive in below, jump off that cliff
Can you let it in…

Hey my brothers and sisters, this is we connected at the roots
The roots that grew us, the roots that grew us, the roots that
Grew these trees, that lit these lights, that lit these lights, that lit these lights…
So if you want the stars to hear you
If you want the stars to hear your soul, you got to
Go as the stars go, let all your life show, corners uncover, unshadow the unknown
Pieces, forgotten names, places we came from, life we were born
When speech was for meaning the thing we spoke
To feed this story whose pages we wove
And are woven into…

However it shows itself, however you find yourself
Every moment, every piece of you, I’ll take it all, I want it
All of it All it
Sound it loud, beam it out!
There’s no more time to hold back
My brothers and sisters
No more time to hold back
There’s no sense in holdin’ it back — now, we’re all
Beaming light, all beaming’ light, all beamin’ light…

Can you let it in? ALL?

[Lyrics to Let It In by Ayla Nereo]

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