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Bailey Cremeans - Celestial City Lyrics

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Bailey Cremeans – Celestial City Lyrics

Your eyes were like poetry that night
The way you held me tight
Ever so right
The colors of your laugh paint the stillness of this quiet room

I’ve memorized your eyes a thousand times over
Will I ever tire of this love?
Will I ever sober?

Winter may bring a cold we’ve never known
But in your arms I’m secure and warm

Heartbeats are all that prove time to pass
I trace the lines of your skin
I know them sure than the ground below

Fantasy a future in the sun
Welcomed homeward to the hands that hold my heart
You hold my heart

I dream because of the way it makes me feel
I wake because I know you’re real
You, my stars, my sun
You, my lover, the one

[Lyrics to Celestial City by Bailey Cremeans]
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