Bailey Cremeans - Orion Lyrics

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Bailey Cremeans – Orion Lyrics

Was lost in a whirlwind
Now I’m in this down spin
What I’d do to be brave like Orion
Can;t remember the places I’ve been
Stuck somewhere Hercules can’t save me

Orion, show me where you sleep
I’ve never been so tired
Orion, only you can save me now
Show me what it is you breathe

So humble for a star
You burn still bright
These good ideas and bad intentions take flight

Orion, show me how to never fade away
Save this broken earthly
Orion, this air is wearing thin
And I’m more afraid than I’ve ever been

Won’t you save me?
Won’t we burn bright?
Orion I’m losing this fight
Promise I won’t be alone tonight

[Lyrics to Orion by Bailey Cremeans]

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Artist Bailey Cremeans Lyrics
Album"Celestial City" (2013)

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Bailey Cremeans - Orion Lyrics

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