Balance and Composure - Reflection Lyrics

Balance and Composure – Reflection Lyrics

A weak hold, some call it pitiful
A reason, to say what you really mean
I caved in, ran out of miracles
Reflection, who do i really see

I’ve come down and taken it close

You said you’d come when you’re ready
And I’ve been takin’ my time
Burn all the wreckage and start it all over
We’re building a message, and life with you closer

No faith in anything
I have no backbone
Call me an enemy
And i hope you linger while you wake up
See it all for the first time
And speak up
Say what you really mean

I’ve come down and taken it
Opened my eyes
To see that I’m ready could save me from medicine
You see that I’m ready come save me from medicine close

[Lyrics to Reflection by Balance and Composure]

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  • Jon says:

    B&c ill probably find my wife at one of there shows someday

  • game_plan says:

    so cool. not many people understand this kind of music, but I’m glad to see some do

  • YEAH NAH says:

    *useful corrections*

    • Sarge says:

      We would like to thank you for the help, the correction you have submitted has been approved and we appreciate your help.

      If you would register on the site, these sort of corrections and comments will bring you points, and if you raise enough points, it will amount to prizes. So, make sure you also register.

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