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Banner Pilot - Effigy Lyrics

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Banner Pilot – Effigy Lyrics

I watched the sun cut through your bedroom
And make its way across the floor
I drifted off to somewhere and back to where you are
The lights are up, we made it through the bars
Like a lost stray, I’m coming home again
Try to fly straight, but every now and then
Life becomes grey and it takes a lot of sin
To feel alive on the streets here at night

But nothing’s ever lost forever
I’ll find my way up off the floor
But even on my best days I’m half of who are you are
I fucked it up and I can’t wash away the scars
I know I/we won’t break but if you want take all I have and burn it up in effigy
It’s been a tail spin, It’s been a whirlwind
All I have we’ll burn it up in effigy
I’ll play a new part, I’ll make a new start, all I was we’ll burn it up in effigy
It’s such a long war, but what I want more is you and me, the rest can burn in effigy

© 2014 Banner Pilot

[Lyrics to Effigy by Banner Pilot]

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