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Beat Wicki - It Depends On You Lyrics

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Beat Wicki – It Depends On You Lyrics

Don’t ask me: What shall I do?
It depends on you
Don’t ask me: What shall I think?
It depends on you
Don’t ask me: Where shall I go?
Don’t ask me things I do not know
The things you don’t know are the things I don’t know too

Don’t ask me: Where is the moon?
It depends on you
‘Cause when the moon is not here
It could be everywhere
Say where you want it to be
It can be here, so very near
Imagine the things
You can make your dreams come true

There are dreams that will come true
If you believe in what you do
You can reach everything
If you only try
Let us walk under the stars
If you don’t try you won’t get far
Use your grand fantasy, girl,
Don’t do so shy

Is freedom what you like most?
Girl, how should I know?
If you can’t tell what you want
There is no place to go
Is it so hard to say things?
Open your mouth and let it out
I can’t read your mind, baby,
It depends on you

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