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Heyia! If you’re on this page it means you are, first of all, a real music fan.
Well, so are we! We’re already considering you part of our music family.
You can build a profile, get points are reputation in the music world.
But why do it for free? Now you have the option to get rewarded.

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Ok, let’s get straight to the point – you can get real prizes (like concert tickets, cool speakers, albums etc) and money for contributing on this website.
Now, if you want to contribute, and you have a good musical ear (you can actually understand the lyrics on most of the songs) we need you!

As proved before by many, transcribing lyrics is for the smart people. It’s not an easy task, depending on the song.

Transcribe and correct lyrics.  Become a music guru 🙂

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You can moderate (correct lyrics – listen to the song and see if there are any mistakes) any song you want; you do not have to accept all of the songs, choose from this list

Writing down full lyrics of new songs is also available, and you will be paid for it.
 Here we have the songs that are in need of lyrics, updated daily or hourly.
They are listed by genres, so you can choose very easy. Listen to the song, write down its lyrics, and then submit it

You will get points for any song lyrics that you submit and gets published.
One of the best parts it’s that you can actually make money from your passion!
You also get  $1 for EVERY 1000 views the lyrics make !

So, if, let’s say, one of the songs you submitted gets 20.000 views, you will get $20!
Plus, let’s not forget, points that you can use to get music prizes, like concert tickets. Read more about prizes and levels here

The lyrics you submit must not be available on any other website (so you must either write them down by listening to the song, or get them from a lyrics video)

You will have access to the statistics, so you can see in real time how many views your submitted songs have.
The counter will never stop. It will register all the views, forever, there is no time limit!
So this can be compared to an investment, as it grows in time even if you stop working.

You will have your account and you will be able to grow your level of lyrics mastering. With each level you’ll get more points.

Your level and credits will be visible on your profile, so everybody will know how good you are.

So what are you waiting for?! [button link=”” color=”red” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”] create an account[/button]
and start [button link=””] submitting lyrics[/button]!


With love,
Unpop team

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