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Ben Khan - Savage Lyrics

Ben Khan – Savage Lyrics

Magnum magnum
How are you savage?
Blood stains the parish
Guns control the magus

Example of dissatisfaction
Taking up drastic action
Taking up drastic action

Acid acid
Raindrops’ll kill them bastards
We’ll feed the masses
We’ll feed them acid
But we’re dancing dancing
To the rhythm of the plastic anthem
While they’re preaching the plastic anthem

Stabbing stabbing
A hole in the very fabric
Well it’s eternity

Will the wind be beneath my wings?
Will the water wash over my sins?
Will the wind be beneath my wings?
Will the water wash over my sins?

Until this is over
Until this is over
Until this is over

(I was)
Baptized before the gods
But I’m still holding clothes
I’m still holding yours

Magnum magnum
Can you even lift that cannon?
And you’re a savage savage
Living in the the pastor’s masters

Fragile fragile
We’re living in the state of film and Advil
Living on boulevard Madville
Living on boulevard Madville

Gassing gassing
Our people into mass attacking
Our people with innocent passage

[Lyrics to Savage by Ben Khan]

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