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Better Taste Bureau - Lookin' Back Lyrics (Feat. Luna Lune)

Better Taste Bureau – Lookin’ Back Lyrics (Feat. Luna Lune)

Staring at you with him, would you look at that
Then you turn around when you walk away lookin’ back
Uh-uh nah, you better not go there
Uh-uh nah, you better not go there

Luna Lune:
When we pass my eyes start to follow
It gets hard to swallow
Cuz I wish it was you
To tell me all the ways that you need me
I know you can read me
So I’m waiting on you

Verse 1: Gig
If he was good then
You wouldn’t be lookin’
Over here like you wanna be bookin’
From the man who got ya hand you know he’s not the right one
Glad he left ya left hand I’ll take it with my right one
Feelin’ like I known you before, it’s only night one
Tall glass of water, but ya really only 5’1
Mom’s a tall glass too, see where you get the height from
Smile is a bright one, I can tell you like puns
Ya man’s not frightenin’ I don’t really care if
He’s gotcha locked down, he’s not a sheriff
Steal you like a pirate, he is just a parrot
You should walk him out so he’s a little less embarrassed
Past is the past let bygones be bygones
Tryin’ to stop me from scoring already crossed the pylon
Grass is greener, got her tanning on my lawn
Up before the sun I’ll have her ham and eggs by dawn


Verse 2: Hurris
I see ya walking with him, probably caught a wind
That I got a set of skills that you said you want in him
Hold up, girl what you want with him?
Call me an artisan, doesn’t even matter what you want I got it then
Don’t mean to brag but, your man is some bad luck
You and him to me it doesn’t add up
Really he to you is more like a chauffeur
Thank you very much, now I’ll get to know her
She will be mine, insert maniacal laughs
Won’t even think about ya and your Tylenol past
So put it on the record like a vinyl scratch
That you’ll never be with her once she smiles back
Then he say we couldn’t go, hello girl we good to go?
Something that I should’ve known? She reply, goodness no
Go, go, go baby roll with me
Go, go, girl I’m what you hoped he’d be (hey!)


[Lyrics to Lookin’ Back by Better Taste Bureau (Feat. Luna Lune)]
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