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BettySoo - Listen Lyrics

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BettySoo – Listen Lyrics

Listen to the hum of bells waiting to ring
To the held breath of a swimmer diving
To the stars in our sky no longer shining
To the rhythm of words on a page

Listen to the crackle of a wood bridge burn
To the tires spinning out on gravel and earth
To the cry of a baby just after his birth
Slapped into life by an able nurse

Listen to the moan of a hurricane wind
Tearing through homes like kindling
Never knocking once just bursting right in
To the sounds of play of the children missing

Listen to the ocean when he ravages the cliffs
To his claim that he takes only what’s his
To the gulls that scatter, looking for lift
When he beats against the rocks again

Listen to the sigh of the patient who reads
What’s not being said but what’s plain to see
To the sun in the west looking east
You’ll hear my heart when you leave

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