Black Milk - The Kraft Lyrics

Black Milk – The Kraft Lyrics

Well, I’m gonna put a gat on you
Was the sweetest, godless , nailin’-this-cat
That ever was ever found on these streets
Swingin’ swingin’

I ain’t know if this was over with
This ain’t over wit

Make some noise!
Word up!

Yo louder in that shit
Make some noise!
And we’d like to say

–production display and lyrical break–

This is probably the most challenging record you have ever put on your turntable
Its purpose is to challenge the performance potential of your stereo equipment
By providing an amazing array of testing devices for high level checkout
And at the same time, to present peak musical performances
Designed for the connoisseur of sound reproduction

[Black Milk – The Kraft Lyrics]

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