Black Zheep DZ - Whachu Sayin’ Lyrics

Black Zheep DZ – Whachu Sayin’ Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Have you ever dreamed of riding foreign cars, like that foreign broad do’s you? Like a porn star, Don’t we all?
Well that Ain’t no Secret.
Society’s watching, the fuck you yelling? Cause i never heard of a Mason, unless that was Margiela.
Never thought about a Racist til i was treated like a felon.
By them Knockers trynna knock us. Donnie Brascos couldn’t stop up.
& you assholes couldn’t stop up my shit i like to talk.
Even the line i like to walk might find yourself outlined in….
Well you know ain’t shit to change but some things in my closet.
& Some people when they know you known for change in that wallet.
No brains equal up to not a thing in that Pocket.
Ain’t no one to blame but you for getting aimed at your socket right?
Then A left on this next block, watch them necks pop.
& the road i’m on, it might not ever be a next stop.
Well since niggas jack its only right that I think outside of his box.
Since they wack it’s only right that i provide em a box. La-Di-Diiiie.
But you girl, I give you something to pop to.
& jingle while its pouring hella singles to my single.
Go on let your hair down. Let yourself go.
Feel like the Harbor Downtown, when i see them Eyes glow.

Yo yo yoooo. Its a amazing.
Yeah i know(x3). Right? Believe me when i say it.
Say it ain’t so. Thats a understatement.
I do this on the Daily.
Me & My Villains raging, We Like…Raging(x4)
I do this On the daily Nigga, Tell me Whachu Sayin’?

(Verse 2)
I Might Conquer with this Hard work from a paper Nigga, Fuck a wage.
Carry my weight with a strap like a Satchel.
Shoot At U. I Bless you Like Achu(Sneeze)!
Wet up, Bless up, Now get your rest up.
Take your pain & i’ll make it my pleasure.
When i seen your Ex(X). I claimed the treasure.
& Said Bounce with a Killa. From Hitters to dem Dealers.
& Those all on my wood, Im surprised they ain’t got splinters.
But they Bounce with a Killa. From Hitters to My Dealers.
Choco’s or Vanilla go roll up like Armadillos.

Raging… Me & My Villains raging. We Like.(x2)
Raging…Me & My Villains Raging, I do this on the Daily Nigga tell me Whachu Sayin’?

[Black Zheep DZ – Whachu Sayin’ Lyrics]

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Black Zheep DZ - Whachu Sayin’ Lyrics

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