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Black Zheep DZ - Dream On Lyrics

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Black Zheep DZ – Dream On Lyrics

Let me Strike the match
And let this be a trip we can never forget.
Or that gift that you never could get.
Better yet
The slick chic I never could hit.
A tease.
A breeze.
You needed to breathe.
Every track sounding like the Last i got.

Without talking bout the cash i got.
And Put an end to all the fake basquiats,
Drawing stick figures.
From a lil nigga on big wheeler,
Now I’m lil bigger.
Than the ones that I looked up as the big figure,
Now I’m the Big Dipper.

See me from a far,
Wish upon a star.
You always gon be who you are.
Skinny nigga in a muscle car.
Lights off..
So I Dream on..

Take a loss or get lost.
Be the boss or get bossed.
Win, lose or draw.
At the end of day its the fight I fought,
That matters.
Just to get to the cake Imma keep mixing up this batter.
I’m good, badder than badder.
Another hit from the batter.

[Lyrics to Dream On by Black Zheep DZ]
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